If you know anything about bats, you know how useful they are to our environment. They eat thousands of insects and pests per day, help spread seeds, and they are essential in the pollination process. Unfortunately, it’s harder for them to find the nutrients they need once temperatures drop… this is why they hibernate throughout the colder months.

Can Hibernating Bats Be Removed?

If you discover these little critters snoozing in your attic, you’re probably anxious to get them out. It’s possible to remove them yourself, but be advised that harming or killing bats while they are hibernating is illegal. They are endangered, and the world is a lot better off with them in it, which is why they are currently protected by law. Purposely hurting them could get you in some trouble and you’ll be hit with some hefty fines!

That being said, we have tips for self-removal, if you’re feeling ambitious enough to attempt it. First of all, put on gloves to avoid skin contact and diseases. Next, get something to trap the bat in, such as a bowl, box, or similar container. Slowly approach the bat and place the container over it. Then, slide a piece of cardboard between the wall and the container, thus trapping the bat inside. Release the bat outside. However, if you came into contact with the bat, it should be tested for rabies.

If you’re not a do-it-yourself type, we can help you out! We always remove wildlife in a humane manner, and we can carefully relocate hibernating bats to a safe location until they are ready to wake up. By calling us in, we can figure out where the bats are entering and seal these areas so that they won’t be able to return.

Along with this, we can restore any parts of your attic that faced damaged while the bats were awake. We are licensed contractors, so we can handle any repair job you need! We’ll safely remove any guano and get things back to normal in no time. If you want to get your bat problems resolved before the holiday season really gets going, get on the phone with today… we’ll get you taken care of!

Are The Bats Gone For Good?

Once we seal off all of their entry points, you shouldn’t have bat invasion issues again any time soon. Unfortunately, there are tons of ways for bats, rodents, and other creatures to sneak into your living space, so staying animal-free isn’t always a certain thing. Luckily, you can enroll in our Preventative Maintenance Program! We will come and inspect your home twice a year, check out the areas we’ve sealed off, and keep an eye out for any new, unwanted guests. If any of our work needs re-sealing, we’ll get it done, free of charge.

When you work with us, you work with the best. Call or contact us online today!

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