If you know anything about bats, raccoons, and similar creatures, you know that you don’t want them in your home! Unfortunately, attics serve as ideal locations for these critters to build homes, raise young, and search for food. If you find yourself stuck with unwanted house guests (and don’t feel up to tackling the job on your own), count on the experts at Bat Removal & Prevention today!

What Types Of Damage Might I Face?

Bats are known for causing trouble in your home and can easily ruin your insulation, your walls, and any items in storage. They can also mess up your wiring and their noisy nighttime routines are less than ideal. Bigger animals, like raccoons, can cause some serious damage, too. Your duct work, drywall, vents, flashing, soffits, and more will all be at risk, and trust us when we say that these critters can do a lot in a short amount of time!

On top of this, the inevitable animal droppings will stink up your home and can cause fungus to form. Bat guano (feces) is very detrimental to health when too much exposure has occurred and defecation can attract insects and other pests in a hurry! This is not a fun thing to deal with, which is why it’s important to call us in right away when you sense an issue.

What Can Be Done To Fix It?

If you are face to face with animal intrusion, worry not. We can help you out and get your home back to normal before you know it! Not only will we safely, efficiently, and humanely remove any creatures from your home… we’ll fix it back up, too! We want to make sure you are given all of the tools necessary to get your attic back in tip-top shape and free from any further intrusions down the line.

First, we’ll get rid of any droppings and bat guano that remain in your attic. This is something that’s best to leave to the professionals, as these substances can be extremely harmful to your health if not handled properly. Once everything is gone, we’ll clean and disinfect the area, so you won’t have to worry about coming into contact with any remnants or nasty odors [https://www.batremovalandprevention.com/full-attic-restorations/].

Next, we’ll address the damages. We can restore your attic so that any drywall issues, tears or holes in insulation, broken ductwork, torn wires, or anything else that rodents may have ruined, is looking like new again.

After all that is completed, all that’s left to do is prevent anything from coming back in! We want you to rest easy at night knowing all potential entry points are sealed off. And the best part is, all it takes is a few days! You’ll be good to go and back to your regular routine in no time.

Learn more about our long list of services by visiting our website. Our fully licensed and qualified staff is ready to help you out soon!

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