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Bats have a bad rap in popular culture as blood-sucking predators that are no less dangerous than vampires. But bat infestation in homes actually invites other kinds of health hazards.

Health Implications

Bats do tend to bite humans especially if they feel threatened by the latter’s presence. They won’t suck your blood but they are quite vulnerable to rabies infections and may spread the disease in your household. Bat guano (droppings) are also known to harbor a fungus called Histoplasmosis.
The fungal spores may be carried by air to different parts of your house and lead to influenza-like symptoms in humans. The infection may even turn serious and cause high fevers, pneumonia, and if left untreated, can also turn fatal especially in case of infants, children, the elderly, and immunologically-challenged people like those suffering from AIDS or cancer. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Histoplasmosis infection in humans can even cause blindness.

This fungus is common in the central part of the United States and is especially rampant in areas drained by the Mississippi River. The state of Michigan is vulnerable to infections from this fungus.

Bats may bite or scratch if you try to handle them especially with your bare hands. It is best to call in a professional bat removal company to eradicate or displace the colony of bats in your house safely and humanely.

Attic Restoration

But bats can pose health hazards even after they have been eliminated from your house. Bat dwellings in attics and eaves tend to contain bat guano that may harbor the Histoplasmosis fungus. So, after we exclude the bats out of your house, we must go in for a professional attic restoration job to ensure that your house is free from this fungus. Do not try the spring cleaning job yourself; you may risk disturbing the guano and releasing the fungal spores in air.

If you live in Michigan, call Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. to remove the bats from your house and restore your dwelling to a pristine hygienic state. These professionals adhere to industry safety standards while working, such as putting up a false ceiling when they work on your attic, so that you are guaranteed a peace of mind and so are they!

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