Looking for humane squirrel removal services in Oakland County? My Bat Guy specializes in all kinds of wildlife removal, and we can handlesquirrel it, no problem! Give us a call today to set something up and, in no time, you will be pest and wildlife-free. When it comes to curious critters in your attic, walls, or crawlspace, there is no time to lose.

Signs Of Squirrels

Have you been hearing some scurrying in your home or attic? Or maybe you have noticed animal droppings or damage throughout your living space. Squirrels could be behind it all. They are also known using your insulation for nesting, so keep an eye out for that, too. And, we know it sounds cliche but, look for acorns! These are squirrels go-to food source, so if you notice some scattered throughout your attic, these furry critters may be making themselves at home.

Getting Them Out

If you know squirrels are the ones causing ruckus in your household, then the time to get rid of them is now before they cause any more damage. Call us in, and we will be happy to tackle the job! We can set up humane traps in your home and, once you notice a squirrel has been caught, all you do is give us a call and we will remove it.

We don’t use poisons or harmful trapping systems, and we release the critters into friendly environments (far away from your home), where they can thrive in a more appropriate atmosphere.

Keeping Them Out

Once you have your squirrel infestation dealt with, it is important to know how to keep them out for good. Need some tips? For one thing, be careful about leaving food out, as squirrels will see it as an easy way to survive and stick close to your premises. On this same note, be cautious with your bird feeder. Try to find squirrel-proof options, and keep them well away from any trees.

It is also smart to keep your lawn maintained and your trees well-trimmed. Squirrels can jump pretty far, so be extra careful about those branches close to your roof. By limiting access, they will have a much harder time finding ways in! Along with this, a well-kept yard has less food for them to scavenge for, so they will give up quicker and move onto another spot.

Have little ones at home? What about pets? Anything that creates noise will deter them, so don’t be afraid to send your kids out to play during the warmer months. Lots of people and/or a few dogs provide an easy solution when it comes to keeping these critters at bay.

Finally, talk with our team about our preventative maintenance program if you want to guarantee squirrels and other wildlife stay out for good. We will stop by a couple times a year to check the areas we have sealed off. And if they need some patching? We will get it done for you, free of charge. Call today to set something up.

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