Here at My Bat Guy, we take what we do seriously, which is why we are members of both Bat Conservation International, and the National Wildlife ControlBat Conservation International Operators Association. Thanks to organizations like these, we are able to further our knowledge on wildlife control, ensuring we stay up-to-date and well-informed on everything we need to know to do our jobs as effectively as possible.

Would you like to know more about the mission and goals of these establishments? Just read below, then count on the team here at My Bat Guy to handle any and all of your wildlife removal needs. We are experienced, effective, and put your safety first!

Bat Conservation International

Bat Conservation International, or BCI, was established in 1982 and strives to protect bats and their habitats at all costs. Bats play a big role in our environment. First of all, they eat all kinds of bugs and mosquitos, ensuring we aren’t overcrowded with annoying pests and biting insects, and they also help to spread seeds and pollinate plants, too.

Because of this, BCI works hard to spread awareness about the role bats play in our world, as well as expand conservation efforts. By encouraging research and pushing future generations to play a role in bat conservation, BCI believes the potential extinction of these necessary mammals can be avoided.

At My Bat Guy, removing bats is clearly one of our specialities. That being said, we want to ensure it is done as safely and as humanely as possible, so that both the homeowner and the bats stay unharmed throughout the process. We take our role in bat conservation seriously!

National Wildlife Control Operators Association

The National Wildlife Control Operators Association, or NWCOA, supports businesses, like us, who want to perform wildlife control services to the best of their ability. This is a non-profit organization that educates company owners and their staff, as well as provides training that can help them do their job more effectively.

This is one industry that continues to evolve with every passing year, so staying up-to-date on any news and advancements is a must! With the help of the NWCOA, we are able to do just that, ensuring folks all throughout Oakland County get the best care possible.

Ready To Work With Our Expert Crew?

Along with maintaining these valued memberships, the team here at My Bat Guy is licensed with the DNR, a preferred contractor many insurance companies, and we offer a warranty with all of our services. We are also licensed contractors, so we can fix up your attic space once all of the animals are gone for good.

And if you really want peace of mind, consider investing in our preventative maintenance program. It guarantees years of well-deserved protection for you and your household.

Ready to get started? So are we. Call today, and we can set something up!

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