If you’ve lived in Michigan for awhile, then you know that winters get pretty chilly here! Snowfall andbat clinging to wall freezing temperatures aren’t always fun to deal with, which is why many throughout the state are happy to have a warm and cozy home to turn to at the end of a long day. Well, bats are looking for that same warmth and comfort and, all too often, they turn to the homes of Michigan citizens to gain just that!

In the wintertime, the insects and bugs that bats feed on become scarce, which is why they hibernate throughout these colder months. Their heart rate and metabolism slow down down tremendously, and they fall into a deep sleep for months at a time, living purely off of the fat they’ve stored up throughout the warmer months.

Now, in order for bats to hibernate safely, they need a well-protected spot to do it. Unfortunately, your home is an ideal location! If you fear that you have bats settling in your attic, or if you want to ensure your home is protected through the cold months ahead, then it’s time to call on our team to help you out. We’re trusted throughout the state and we’re ready to serve you!

Removing Bats In The Winter

So, once bats are settled in and nestled down for some winter hibernation, locating and removing them can be a challenge. Obviously, their presence will be less noticeable, and you might not even realize they are in your home at all! If temperatures temporarily rise (which isn’t uncommon in Michigan) this could stir them, in which case you may hear or see them flying around your home.

Because of all these factors, removal during winter can be a bit more of a struggle, which is why we encourage you to take precautions now before temperatures really start to drop. This means allowing us to inspect your attic, chimney, basement, and other common areas for bats to reside and check for any signs that they might be present.

If we notice any critters in your home, we can take the proper steps to remove them before they start to hibernate this winter. If no bats are present, we can ensure your home is equipped with all of the preventative measures necessary to keep bats out for good all winter long.

In either case, you’re allowing yourself peace of mind throughout the holiday season, and you help guarantee you won’t experience any unexpected/unwanted visitors. You can also enroll in our preventative maintenance program, which guarantees two visits from our team every year. We’ll check for signs of wildlife invasion, and we’ll re-seal any areas that need it, free of charge.

Questions? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you out! There’s no better time to invest in our services, and we’re eager to get started. Contact us today.

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