This is the first post in many on frequently asked questions concerning bat removal and wildlife control issues in and around your home or business. So here is the question.

On my quote, one of the suggested services was a bat exclusion. What exactly is a bat exclusion and how long does it take?

So Just What Is An Exclusion?

It is a great question. When it comes to bat issues in your home our main focus is long term solutions. Hence the Bat Removal and Prevention in our title. We want long term solutions for our clients.

A Bat Exclusion Consist of Five Steps.

  • The first is the most obvious. A home inspection. A home inspections gives our staff the necessary data that we need in order to execute a thorough bat exclusion. As you can guess, a wildlife control inspection differs from a regular home inspection. We check for all entry points and possible re-entry points. Ensuring that once we remove all the bats, they will not simply re-enter.


  • The second step is to install one way bat doors. These allow the bats to get out but they will be unable to re-enter the holes. As they come out to feed, they will leave from each of those one way bat doors.


  • Seal all potential entry points. Bats are territorial so they will attempt re entry in your roof area. It is critical that you know where those entry points are, how to find them and get them sealed.


  • Once adequate time has passed we will return to pull the one way doors and seal those holes.


  • Fog for any bacteria the bats may have caused.

When it comes to a bat exclusion, it is important to note we have two simultaneous goals. The first is the restoration of your home back to its condition before the bats arrived. The second is for the safety and well being of the bats. When these two things work in harmony we achieve our intended goal. That is why we back up all our works with up to 5 year warranties.

So when customers ask the question (what is an exclusion) we simply take them through this same process. One home or business at a time. If you have any additional questions please call us at 248.403.8167.

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