If you have bats in your home, chances are you want them out as soon as possible – and we don’t blame you! Yet, just because you want them gone, doesn’t mean you want to harm them in the process. If this is a concern, worry no further. At Bat Removal & Prevention, we practice safe techniques that won’t allow harm to come these creatures.

Bats actually serve an important purpose, and they are currently protected under Michigan’s state laws. That means we will remove them humanely and release them into designated areas, so they can live out their life in peace.

The World Needs Bats!

Bats are not always portrayed in the best light, and they seem to be a creature that people tend to fear and/or dislike. The truth is that they are simply misunderstood and they actually play a big role in making our world a better place to live in. Check out some reasons why bats are an asset!

First of all, these critters keep our pest populations under control. Without them, our croplands would suffer immensely! They kill countless harmful insects each and every night, so that our plants and vegetation stay safer. And if they are pregnant or nursing mothers, they could eat up to their body weight in insects in just one night!

Bats also help with pollination. There are some species of bats that feed primarily on nectar, spreading it from plant to plant, so that they continue to flower and grow. The number of species of plants that bats keep alive is highly underestimated, and they would diminish greatly if bats became extinct.

Then, there are the fruit-eating bats that help in spreading seeds. They keep forests growing and producing all of the plants necessary to keep the wildlife thriving. And they typically cover much larger surfaces areas than other seed-spreading animals. This leads to renewed forests all throughout the world!

How Can We Help?

At Bat Removal & Prevention, our experts can help you out with any of your bat removal needs. We are licensed with the Department of Natural Resources for wildlife control and removal and we are members of the BCI and the NWCOA. We warranty all of our work, and we offer 24/7 bat removal services throughout the entire state.

When you call us in, we will make a full assessment of your unique situation. There are various factors to consider and, once we get a clear overview, we can move forward with the appropriate steps to remedy the situation. We will also make sure that, once the bats are out, they can’t re-enter again. We have got you completely covered!

Learn more by contacting us today. When you work us, you work with a company you can trust. We look forward to helping you out soon.

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