So you think you have mice? Scratching or chewing noises are often misdiagnosed to be a small rodent while mouse traps go un-triggered. Bat infestations all-too-often go unnoticed because of their similarities with small rodents.

Today we will cover the 7 early warning signs of a bat infestation so that you can prevent extensive damage to your home and secure it from further intruders.

1. Bats taking flight around or near your home in the evening

It seems like an obvious step, but many homeowners skip this step. A simple trip outside during summer evenings will give you a clear indication of the need to investigate further.

If you have no bats outside, chances are you have none on the inside. But if you see one, two or a hundred flying around, the probability you have them or have had them are greatly increased.


2. Paint chipping away on attic vents

Examine your soffit and gable vents for damage including holes, broken slates, or paint chips. This is by far the most common entry point for bats.

You can purchase screen covers for those areas or cut them to size but you must verify that no bats are in your home before sealing those potential entry points.

This is often where a professional inspection can become valuable since they are fairly inexpensive and can simply confirm the presence or absence of bats.


3. Finger size holes with dirt like substance

Look for dark holes anywhere on the exterior. Common areas are near fireplaces, between brick and siding and near roof lines. Because bats often leave grease residue and hair, it’s easy to identify the hole if one is found.

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