Mice in a Michigan home can be detected by gnaw marks, squeaks and scurrying noises in the night, mouse droppings, and so on. As mice breed very quickly, even if only a single mouse is sighted, it can mean that many mice reside in the home. Mouse removal should be a systematic process that identifies, traps, and excludes the mice from the home.

Before executing a mouse removal plan in the Michigan home, the pest should be positively identified as mice. This can be done by checking the mouse droppings, actual sighting of the mouse, or looking at the feet or gnaw marks left by the mice. Additionally, the nest of the mice or its approximate location should be established. Mice can be typically found in attics or basements or in the pantry and kitchen. For some great pics to help you love mice before you kick them to the curb, click here

When it comes to mouse removal there are two types of traps – live traps where the mouse is alive after being trapped and traps that kill the mice. These traps have to be baited with cheese and placed close to the mouse hole and in the path it is likely to take. Once the mouse is trapped you should use gloves and a mask to remove the dead mouse from the trap or release the live one in the wild. You also need to ensure that children and pets are kept way from the mouse trap.
When using mouse traps, it is best to check them each morning as well as several times a day and remove the trapped mouse immediately. This will ensure that diseases and bacteria are not spread by the trapped mouse. Bob Vilia offers some helpful advice here to add arsenal to your closet. 

Multiple Uses
When using traps for mice removal, it is essential to continue using them until no mice are caught for two or three consecutive days. This is an indication that the home is free of mice and one can now move to the next step of exclusion.

To ensure that the mouse removal is effective and the Michigan home is free of mice in the future, all entry ways for mice such as cracks and holes have to be sealed. Additionally, tree branches that are close to the house have to be trimmed and doors and windows weather sealed. Apart from this the space around the house should be free of debris, litter, and wood that can provide shelter to mice. Cat’s can aways provide a sence of security as well. But truth be told it’s often a false sence of security.

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