When you need to know how to get rid of pigeons and don’t have time time for the nonsense, we have a few sure fire ways to help.  

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons


We know how complicated and frustrating it can be to get rid of pigeons. They are incredible persistent. We have seen and used many different methods when it comes to pigeon removal. In fact the number one reason pigeon removal DIY projects fail is due to the fact that homeowners give up too quickly. This is a long haul type of remedy. And by long haul we usually give it 6-8 weeks before we attempt more strategic remedies. 

So here are a few places to start if you would like to attempt this on your own. Always remember to wear a mask due to the dust from pigeon waste, which can be very hazardous. 

Pigeon Repellent Caulk – 

aaYou can find bird repellent caulk at your local hardware store or even big chain stores like WalMart. Basically this method is probably one of the easiest as a deterrent. The issue is that it will not solve a current pigeon problem until you hand remove the nest itself.

Once you have cleared away the roof line from any and all brush, straw, twigs and nest, begin to put the bird repellent caulk on any ledge you know the pigeons flock too. This is usually applied in a zigzag patterns on the edges of your roof. The bead need only be a quarter inch thick or less. 

Where the roof lines intersect it is good to put more in those locations because they are common places of relocation once the original location is no longer of use. 

Deter Pigeons with a Spike System –

A spike system is great because it is versatile and effective. The spikes usually come in 2-3 inch wide strips and 1-3 feet long. They can go near your gutters, windowsills, etc. The main issue we have discovered with the spike system is the need for extensive placement. If you leave a gap open (at the problem areas) just a few inches wide, you will notice the pigeon almost taunt you with thriving in that one little area. 

So in order to be effective with pigeon spikes, cover the entire area leaving no gap on the line. In fact you could utilize both the above methods together. Using spikes in the high traffic areas and the caulk in all other areas near or around it. 

Screen off Pigeon Flock Areas – 

Chicken wire or a small gauge wire from any tractor, hardware or local department store is of great use under intersecting roof lines with pigeon nest. Once you remove the remnants of the nest and ensure all pigeons are removed from the area, use a staple gun to wire off the area. This is a permanent solution for those hard to reach areas. 

Make sure that if you use this method that you also fix the bottom of the wire down to your roof. Pigeons are incredibly persistent and will work the wire back until they can fit under it. So to save you a lot of time, staple down the bottom. 

Remove and clean roof –

Keeping your roof clean and free of debris is the single handed most effective thing you can do to preserve the life of your shingles and keep them from animal damage. We often suggest a power washing at least once a year. If someone wants to know how to get rid of pigeons the first thing we look at is the condition of the roof. Mainly looking for sticks, nest and more. Our solutions necessitate a clean service area because we need long term solutions for our clients. 

We usually walk along the roof line, remove any branches, twigs, straw, nest, etc. Anything that would resemble a welcome mat for a passing pigeon. 

Utilize any of these or all of them and you will be ones step closer to permanently removing all the pigeons. Of course you can always ask for direct advice and tips at 248.403.8167, email us at info@batremovalandprevention.com or drop by our bird removal page. 

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