found bat

Over the years we have accumulated our fair share of bat removal horror stories. We thought we would share a few just to keep you up at night. Here are five places you’d never expect to find bats in your house…

1) Bats in your chimney

bats in attic

Bats in northern Michigan last year.

This is actually not too uncommon. Bats love the cool climate (apart from an occasional fire) in your chimney. We get calls that typically sounds like this, “I think I have a chipmunk in my chimney. I peaked my head up there and saw a little brown moving furry thing.” Bats who have found their way into your chimney will quickly find access to the rest of your house. If you hear scratching, don’t assume its a squirrel.  Get a home inspection. They are cheap and can identify what you have, and how it got in.

*A quick fix is to put a chimney cap on. They are not very expensive and easy to install if your not afraid of heights.

2) Bats in a baby nursery 

This was a call from a customer in Wayne county who heard a bat in the house. They came into the nursery only to discover their 5 month old cuddling it. Ok…kidding! But it was in the nursery, right on the vent. It was a quick extraction. We think it got in through a can light but could not find an exact entry point. Needless to say, we were relieved to get it out and away from the baby’s room. 

3) Bats in your garage 

We actually do not have a picture of this one, but we have several calls a year where customers find bats roosting in their garage rafters. This doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid every time you walk in your garage, but be aware of potential entry points on your house’s exterior. We have a free pdf guide bellow called, “7 Signs Of A Bat Infestation” that is a starter guide to help customers know how to watch for these things. 

4) Bats in your basement 

Bat in basement

A Local Bat Found In Basement.

Bats have a nasty habit of working from your attic, down your wall and out into your basement. It happens all the time. It not only leaves potential for bat guano in the walls, but it’s very dangerous to your home electrical lines. So if you hear scratching in your walls, it’s a great time to call a bat removal company to come and do a home inspection. 

We are in the process of doing a home renovation now in which the entire top floor had the drywall removed and bat guano safely extracted because so many bats had found their way down the wall cavity.  

5) Bats in your toilet

Bat In Toliet

This poor little guy was a recent find in April of 2015 at a home in the Clarkston area. When you have bats in your attic, bats in your basement or bats in your home, there really is no telling where we can find them once they gain access to your main floor. Bats often find their way in the bathroom and can easily fall into your toilet, shower or sink if they are looking for a cool place. 

Bats are small and can hide on shower curtains, window treatments, ceiling fans or any other location you would normally not look for them.  

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