Bats are protected and important, so it’s our job to take care of them! If you’re ready to learn more about the various bats species we have in Michigan, Bat Removal & Prevention is here to keep you informed! Check out these 9 species below.

Little Brown Bat

These little guys are known for their tiny size, small ears, and big feet. Their roosts are very large. It is also not uncommon for them to target warm attics to settle down in for hibernation and raising young. Keep an eye out for their brown coat and approximately 10 inch wingspan!

Northern Long-Eared Bat

As you can probably guess, these bats are easy to distinguish due to their big, round ears. They aren’t quite as social as other species and, while they commonly roost in trees and forested areas, many find them getting cozy in their attics.

Evening Bat

Finding these guys anywhere in the state is rare as their numbers have decreased significantly… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there! While their snout, wings, and tail are hairless, the rest of their body is covered in dark brown fur and their ears are completely black – very unique!

Hoary Bat

These critters get their name from their frosty appearance. They love moths and have been known to make appearances in Michigan homes from time to time. The good news is that they are typically solitary, so you should only have to deal with one at a time!

Big Brown Bat

Big brown bats are larger in size and maternal colonies can get pretty big! If you have a bat in your home, there’s a good chance that it’s one of these guys settling in and trying to stay warm.

Tri-Colored Bat

These solitary bats are very small and can be hard to spot! They hunt at night and are not typically found in homes throughout the state, as they tend to hang out by the water or in caves.

Indiana Bat

Don’t let the name fool you… these bats are known for setting up camp in homes all throughout Michigan! They look similar to the little brown bat, but are much softer and have some extra cartilage in their foot that helps with wing stability.

Silver-Haired Bat

These bats are completely black, except for their silvery tips. Their rounded ears and upturned snouts also help set them apart. It’s not super common to see these bats in the state, but they make appearances from time to time. They’re a solitary species, so if you spot one, they’re most likely alone!

Red Bat

These little guys come in all shades of red, from light to dark, but what really makes them distinct is their “frosted” appearance. They like to hang out in trees, where they are well-camouflaged, so finding them in your home would be a rare occurrence.

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