Bats are important for the environment, and they serve a significant purpose in the world. They keep the insect population under control and spread seeds to ensure our plants continue to grow. There’s a reason bats are protected, and we work hard to ensure we remove in a safe and ethical manner.

That being said, there is also reason to show caution around bats that may be residing in your home. Bat guano is another word for bat droppings. Tt is known for spreading disease and triggering issues with your home’s structure. If you notice bats in your home it is always best to call in a trained professional who knows how to properly remove them and dispose of anything they have left behind.

Learn more about bat guano below, then contact us today to take care of any of your bat removal needs.

What Bat Guano Looks Like

If you fear bat droppings are in your home but aren’t sure what to look for, here is a brief description of what it typically looks like. It will be shiny or speckled, found in clusters, and it will turn to dust when touched. We advise against touching it at all, but, should you do so, definitely wear protective gloves.

Dangers To Your Health

Bat guano is known for triggering disease in humans. It can cause histoplasmosis, which directly affects the lungs. Other internal organs may be affected, as well, but this is not as common. If you or loved ones are exposed to bat guano, it is important that you remain aware of histoplasmosis and its symptoms. If you notice something is off, see your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Some symptoms of this disease are shortness of breath, cough, headache, no appetite, fever, joint pain, problems with vision, and pains in your chest. Stay alert and get help right away!

Dangers To Your Home

Bat guano can also negatively affect your home. These droppings are known for being corrosive, and they may cause certain areas of your floor or ceiling to sink or sag, due to an imbalance in pressure. They also attract rodents and insects, both of which can eat away at your wood, thus threatening your home’s structural integrity.

Call Us In Today

If you feel concerned at all about bats in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have the training, the expertise, and the appropriate products necessary to safely and effectively remove bat guano from your home. And we can ensure your home is sealed and protected from further unwanted guests – count us on for protection guaranteed!

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