If you live in or around Ann Arbor, and you’re in need of bat removal services, then look no further… The expert staff at Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. is here for you! Customers all throughout the area trust us because they know our expert staff can be depended on. We’re all about making your life easier and being the best that we can be. We’ve served your friends and neighbors, and now we want to help you out, too!

Bats In Michigan: We Need Them!

We totally understand not wanting bats in your home, but that doesn’t mean the bats need to be harmed in the removal process. One of the reasons why we encourage folks to trust us is because we always remove bats (and all other wildlife) in a humane fashion. We then release them into a safe and more suitable environment, so they can live a full life in peace. Killing bats is actually illegal in Michigan, due to their status as an endangered species, so harming them could land you some hefty fines.

The truth is, we actually need bats and, here in Michigan, our bats eat tons of pesky insects, including moths, flies, mosquitoes, and more. Without their presence, our pest population would be out of control. In fact, Michigan DNR reports that our bats can eat up to 1000 insects per hour! Imagine how many bugs we would have without bats in the world!

Along with this, bats around the world help in pollinating plants and encourage the growth of some of the most popular fruits around, such as bananas, avocados, and more. Bats also make a big contribution when it comes to restoring wildlife and forests by spreading seeds far and wide across the Earth. As you can see, we really need them!

Let Us Take Care Of Everything

While do-it-yourself bat removal is always an option, many don’t want to deal with the hassle and potential threat of illness associated with this. If you’re in that boat, we are more than happy to help you out!

We’ll take a look at your unique situation and figure out the best way to proceed forward. The great part about working with us is that, after the removal process is complete, we’ll make sure all potential entry points are blocked off so that you won’t have to deal with any more intruders down the line.

We also specialize in attic reconstruction, so don’t worry about any damages that the bats have caused. We’ll repair any torn wires, replace your insulation, remove any guano that is present, and more! Once your attic looks like new again, we’ll seal everything up, and you will able to get back to your daily routine in no time.

If you have pest issues, there is no time to lose… give Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. a call today!

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