Bats are known for helping us humans keep the pest population under control. But what happens when temperatures drop and there are no bugs and mosquitos for them to eat? Well, during these times of the year, bats become experts at slowing down and storing as much as energy as possible. This is known as hibernation, and it helps keep them going without as much food to depend on.

During hibernation season, bats find cozy spots to nestle in before they start the energy conservation process. With cold temperatures soon approaching, your attic is going to start looking like an ideal spot to hunker down! It’s important to stay aware of any signs that bats have entered your home. If you feel you have some unwanted visitors, give us a call right away!

Can We Remove Bats During Hibernation?

Yes! If you want bats out of your home, but worry that they have already started the hibernation process, have no fear. Whether or not it has begun, we can still remove the critters from your home. We will remove humanely (by hand) and relocate them to a bat house where they will stay safe throughout the rest of the cold months.

The best part about working with us is that we work hard to ensure no bats are hurt or killed throughout the removal process. These helpful critters are protected by Michigan law, and we recognize the need for them in the world. That being said, we realize homeowners don’t want them in their house – and we don’t blame them! We relocate bats for their own safety, then seal your home which prevents their return.

We Also Remove Bats During Restorations

If you’ve hired us to do an attic restoration, then you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your bat removal needs covered throughout the entire process. Attic restoration is a great service that we offer, and our licensed and well-trained staff will ensure no bats are present throughout the process. If we find any hibernating bats during restoration, we remove them and relocate them to an ideal habitat.

After all the bats are removed, we’ll make sure your home looks like new again in no time. We’ll remove any guano or feces, safely dispose of it, then repair and/or replace your insulation, wiring, drywall, and more! Whatever damage you are facing, we are sure that we can take care of it.

Once everything is back to normal, it’s time to ensure bats and other critters can’t come back anytime soon. We’ll find any possible entry points for bats, raccoons, mice, and more, and we will seal them up, so you can stay pest-free for good. You can also invest in our preventative maintenance program, which will allow you the peace of mind you deserve moving forward.

To learn more about our services, contact our professional and qualified staff today! We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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