Here are some pictures of an Emergency Bat Removal Goodrich area job we did on May 1st 2015. A customer called us out to come and take a look at a bat in her house around 2 p.m. We went out a few hours later and discovered this furry guy hanging around.

On a side note, the homeowner just got her siding redone. She noticed the builder let several days go by before putting up the new insulation. This often is a prime opportunity for bats and other Michigan critters to enter you home. It is important to get a quality builder when having roofing or siding done on your Michigan home.

We can advise you on things to look out for before and after the service is complete. Just to ensure no Michigan critters can get in. Contact us today at 248.403.8167.

Bat Emergency Service

Where is Waldo? Can you find the bat?


Emergency Bat Removal Service

Conducting An Emergency Bat Removal Service


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