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Bats in the attics of a house can be extremely dangerous to both humans and other animals. This stems from the fact that bats carry dangerous disease which can easily be contracted by human beings as well as their pets. The bats dropping too are said to carry these dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is always advisable to regularly check the attic of your house to ensure that bats have not infested it.

Below, you are going to encounter a list of 10 signs you should look for when checking for the presence of bats in your attic. If you see any of these signs around your home, remember to contact humane wildlife professionals in Michigan to help you get rid of the bats as quick as possible.

Here are the top signs that bats have infested your attic:

1. You see the bats flying around your house during sunrise/sunset

Bats are nocturnal animals, which mean that they sleep during the day and will only come out at night. Therefore, if you happen to see a bat flying around your very early in the morning or during the night, this is a major indication that there are some bats living in your attic.

2. Bats droppings/ guano

Bats in attic guano

Another top method of checking whether there are bats in the attic is looking for their droppings. Finding bat droppings is very easy. If your houses attic is infested, you are likely to encounter the droppings outside your home, particularly near the entry point. It’s also possible to come across the droppings on decks, porches, window sills and other places that have an entry point.

3. A Chirping sound

Have you heard high pitched, squeaking sound around your home of late? This could be another pointer on the presence of bats in attic. Generally, bats communicate by making the chirping sounds which also helps them navigate through specific paths at night and locate food. Given that bats are nocturnal, the best time to look out for these sounds is in the evening, at night or before dawn.

Bat in attic

4. Presences of guano in the attic

You can also visit your attic to see if you will find any animal droppings. When using this method, it might be a bit confusing since other animals apart from bats could also infest your attic and leave the droppings. However, taking the proof of droppings together with a couple of other signs discussed in this article will help you discover if there are bats in your attic.

5. Scratches on the Walls

bats in attic

If you witness some scratches or scurrying on the walls of your house, you might be having a colony of bats in your attic. This should compel you to contact professional companies who offer bat removal services in Michigan to eradicate the colony for you.

6. Presences of Brown/Black Stain Around Entry/Exit Points

A bat has a layer of grease on its coats. Therefore, whenever it enters a home, it will leave a greasy spot at the entry point. If you come across such spots around holes in your house, on the walls and even on your roof, it’s a good indication that bats are living in your attic. It’s also important to note that, though the stains left by bats can be cleaned up, the area ought to be sterilized to prevent the spread of fatal diseases such as Rubies.

7. Presences of Dead Bats Around your property

If you see a dead bat around your property or even at your home, this should serve as a strong warning that there are bats around your home. You can also check the surroundings of your home to see if there are other signs which have been mentioned in the article.
Again, note that you should not touch the bat with you bare hands as you might become affected by some dangerous diseases. Contacting the professionals remains the best option.

8. Smells similar to Ammonia

If you smell something like ammonia, it could be a warning that bats dropping have piled up somewhere in your attic. Guano usually produces a strong, toxic odor similar to that of ammonia. Whenever you see this sign, visit your attic and carefully look around to see whether there are any droppings. In case you find them, it is high time to call a professional bat removal company in Michigan.

9. Strange Pungent Smell from the Attic

Strange and pungent smell coming from your attics means that there are living animals inhabiting your attic. Taking this sign together with a few others will help you discover the presence of bats. In case you find hard to tell if its bats infesting your attic, don’t hesitate to call the professionals to conduct the inspection for you.

10. Bats Leaving the Attic at Sunset

Bats In Attic

As aforementioned, bats are nocturnal. They therefore leave their habitats (in this case, the attic) at sunset to look for food. If your attic is infected with bats, you will clearly see them moving out at dawn. If you witness a single bat flying out of your attic, call the professionals right away.

What to do in case you have a Bats Infestation in your Attic

If you have followed the above signs and have discovered bats in your attic, the first thing you ought to do is stay away from the bats as much as possible to avoid contacting dangerous illnesses from them.

Next, you should pick a professional bat removal company in Michigan and call them to come to your rescue. The right company will arrive on time and start the removal process of the wild animals. On top of this, they will also secure your attic from future intrusion by bats. If you would like to take a look as the professionals carry out this process, they will walk you to the site in a safe manner.
These are the major indicators you should look for when inspecting your home to see if there are bats in attic. Calling the professional bat removal company will save your family as well as your pets from contracting fatal disease that could adversely affect your health status. Additionally, it will save your property from potential damage that might be caused by the bats droppings.

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