Rodents: How To Get Rid of Them

Already gotten rid of your rodents this year? Start with preventative maintenance so you don’t have any unwanted guest from here on out. We provide humane, effective rodent removal and control services and specialize in getting rid of these nuisance animals and keeping them out. Call us today!

mouse on kitchen counter

We Will Prevent Them From Coming Back

  • The best way to make sure rodents don’t return once removed is to have our experienced and licensed team rodent-proof your home and property.


  • We set up humane traps, never using poisons or chemicals that could harm you, your environment, or your pets.


  • We also offer a Preventative Maintenance Program. When you enroll, we’ll come out and re-inspect your home or business twice a year, resealing any areas that require resealing at no additional cost to you.

Highly recommend them! I called about a raccoon in between the floors in my colonial, they came out the same day. It was a very trap resistant critter but they came daily to try different traps and strategies. They got her and her 6 babies out. I was treated with kindness and respect. They addressed every concern I had. What a great group of people!! Can’t thank you all enough!


Why Do I Have Rodents?

Rodents, like us, need food, water, and shelter, all of which your home, office, and property can provide. While they do primarily depend on leftover food and crumbs that are readily available in trash cans and cabinets or on floors or countertops, having a rodent infestation doesn’t necessarily mean you have bad hygiene or need to clean more. You may just simply be conveniently located for rodents and have areas that allow rodents to access the building. Mice only need about a 1/4” crack or space to gain access and can even enter your home or office through pipes in the structure.

A rodent problem can quickly lead to extensive property damage and make your home life or work life unpleasant, and since rodents breed very fast, the problem will only grow if it’s not addressed quickly. Mouse traps are messy and inhumane and poisons can be dangerous, especially if you have pets or children. Additionally, when you poison a rodent, you have no idea where it will end up dead — you may end up with dead mice or rats in your vents and the most awful stench. Preventative maintenance and humane removal are the best way to handle these rodents. Protect your home and contact us today.

Bat Removal and Prevention came to my house the day after I called them and got rid of my bats right away. I addition, they were incredibly affordable.


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