Michigan Rodents & The Damage They Can Do To Your Home

Preventative maintenance and humane removal are the best way to handle these rodents. Protect your home and contact us today if you have any of the problems below.

What Types Of Rodents Are Common Here In Michigan?

The most commonly found rodents here in the state of Michigan include:

  • Rats — There are two types of rats commonly found in Michigan: Roof Rats and Norway Rats. Roof Rats are typically found in trees, attics, and other areas of the home or business. Norway Rats prefer to avoid heights by living in the basement or sewer system.
  • Mice — Mice can take up residence in pretty much any space in your home or commercial building. They can live in walls, attics, venting, basements, etc.
  • Squirrels — Squirrels commonly make their way into attics and can be a real nuisance. Learn more about the types of squirrels we have here in Michigan and the damage they can cause on our Squirrel Removal page.
  • Groundhogs — Groundhogs typically live in our yards and gardens, under docks, and inside rock walls.
  • Muskrats — Muskrats typically burrow into the walls of ponds and wreak havoc.
  • Beavers — Beavers typically live in our rivers and streams, so if you have water on your property, beavers may be your biggest enemy.

What Kind Of Damage Can Rodents To Do My Home Or Business?

Mice, Rats & Squirrels may gnaw at and destroy insulation and even cause fires by chewing away at electrical wires and cables. Likewise, they may leave urine stains and feces throughout your home.

Groundhogs, Muskrats & Beavers may stay outside of your home but still cause damage to your property, making holes in the ground, eating up your plants and vegetation, destroying heaters and water pumps, burrowing into the walls of your ponds, eating your fish, flooding your lawn, and even downing trees on your property.

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