Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are real rascals, and when they’re in or around your home, they can make your life a nightmare. They are also protected from forceful eviction here in the state of Michigan. Find out how we can help!

Why You Need to Worry About Raccoons: 

  • Raccoons may not be aggressive unless they are feeling threatened, but they tend to be carriers of rabies and their feces can expose you and your pets to dangerous and fatal diseases. 
  • Raccoons will cause damage by tearing up furniture and insulation, but they are likely to gnaw at wires and cables that may cause larger problems down the line. 
  • Raccoons will return to your home if the entrance point is not properly sealed. 

Highly recommend this company! I had an issue with a very smart raccoon that was untrapable! They worked daily to figure out how to get her out. Multi level traps, bought special traps and finally she got caught. They never let me down! Always upbeat and understanding. From Kelly in the office, to Justin and Austin in the field. They are the best!

Barbara Kissell


Raccoon sitting behind a tree

How Can I Get Rid Of Raccoons?

Raccoons are protected against forceful eviction here in the state of Michigan, so only a certified company is approved for raccoon relocation. Additionally, it is illegal and inhumane to poison a raccoon or smoke a raccoon out of your chimney. In many cases, these raccoons have babies with them, who will not be able to crawl out of the chimney.

You can, however, attempt to trap the raccoon yourself, by setting bait (they love eggs!) and waiting for the raccoon to enter the trap. Make sure that the trap is large enough, as it is unlawful to hurt a raccoon. Once you have the raccoon in the trap, call Wildlife Control Services and have them transfer and release the animal. You’ll also want them to check the attic for baby raccoons before leaving.

What Kind Of Damage Can A Raccoon Do?

  • They knock over trash cans and leave garbage and waste all over your property.
  • Their paws can track mud and other mess all through your home or office, should they gain access.
  • They can use their claws to tear up furniture and break things.
  • They oftentimes nibble on wires and cables.
  • They can defecate in your vents or die in your attic, making your entire home or office smell worse than the garbage all over your lawn.

I Don’t Want To Mess With It

We can take care of everything from raccoon trapping and the removal of babies in your attic to the sealing of entry points and full attic restoration. We use humane traps to capture the raccoon and will thoroughly inspect your attic or other inhabited space, checking for baby raccoons and damage. The last thing you want is to have baby raccoons left behind to die and stink up your house.

Should we find damage in the space previously occupied by raccoons, we can fully restore the area and seal off any entry points to avoid future problems. We also provide feces cleanup services, dead raccoon removal, and decontamination services to ensure that your home or office is clean and clear of any parasites or bacteria brought in by the raccoons.

We’re not just licensed, certified, and experienced wildlife control and removal experts, we’re also licensed builders with years of construction experience. So when you call on Bat Removal & Prevention, you can expect strong, durable, and effective attic restoration services.

After everything they have done for me the very least i could do was leave a review. Justin and his team are awesome. They did the job right the FIRST time. Happy i made this call.

Carly Wykowski


What To Know Before Booking

When you call our team will need to ask you a couple of questions.

Where are your located?
Have you worked with us before?
What animal/rodent are you dealing with?
Once these question have been answered we can help you determine what service you need.

Emergency Service: We do provide emergency removal services. However, our team really stresses how to prevent problems from occurring, so if you have had multiple emergency service issues you will probably want to check out our annual prevention maintenance program.

Removal: We provide safe and effective removal practices to rid your home of animals and rodents. However, we MUST complete an inspection before these services can occur. It helps our team develop the best strategy to remove the problem once and keep it from returning.


You may notice that we don’t have pricing listed on our site. That is because each removal situation is different. If you have questions on pricing or want a more direct estimate please call our office and we are happy to discuss it with you.

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