Mice or Bats? 

Learn how to distinguish between the two droppings and how to get them properly removed. 

How to Distinguish Between the Droppings

Bat and mice droppings look very similar, both in size and in color. However, there are two ways that you can start to determine what pests are making themselves at home in your house.

  • Test 1: Break the droppings apart.
    The best way to distinguish between a mouse or a bat is to break the droppings apart. Bat guano will easily crumble and you will be able to see insect parts in the guano. On the other hand, mouse droppings are hard and will not break apart. They appear dull, especially if they are old.


  • Test 2: Identify How the Droppings are Organized
    Bat droppings are most often in a pile, while mice droppings are more spread out.
gray rat running

Highly recommend them! I called about a raccoon in between the floors in my colonial, they came out the same day. It was a very trap resistant critter but they came daily to try different traps and strategies. They got her and her 6 babies out. I was treated with kindness and respect. They addressed every concern I had. What a great group of people!! Can’t thank you all enough!


How to Properly Remove Dropping and Pests

It doesn’t matter if you have bats, mice, or both. The team at My Bat Guy, Bat Removal & Prevention can help.

Mice Removal Services

Mice reproduce extremely fast, so it important to fix the problem quickly. We not only remove current infestation, but also prevent further infestation including complete sealing, exterior stations and quarterly inspections

Bat Removal Services

We not only remove the guano and the bat colony, but will seal entry points so they do not return. Bats are a protected species so we ensure humane wildlife removal.

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Such a great company! Came out within an hour of us calling them. They were courteous, respectful and understood our concern because we had a small zoo living in our attic. Immediately addressed our concerns and put a plan into action.


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