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 When You Need Attic Restoration Services In Michigan, Call On Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc.


 Whether you need spot cleaning and guano removal or you need to have the entire attic restored and disinfected, we can help!

Full Attic Restorations

Do you have animals in your Michigan attic and have they made it their home? If so, then they can do extensive damage. Bats and raccoons are particularly destructive, leaving large piles of bat guano and raccoon feces, removing and defecating on insulation, tearing drywall, ripping up ductwork, chewing at wiring, and leaving urine stains throughout the space!

  • Diseases: These animals are known to sometimes carry rabies, parasites, fleas, and other things you simply don’t want to be exposed to.
  • Damage to your home: Animals can rip up ductwork, insulation, and drywall; gnaw away at wires and cables; expose pipes; lift flashing; and make holes in roofing or walls.
  • Costs: many times, homeowners’ insurance companies will cover the animal removal and attic restoration costs so you’re not paying for everything out of pocket. As the preferred contractor for many homeowners’ insurance companies, we’ll work with you and your insurance company to ensure you pay as little money as possible.

Bat droppings (guano) can be particularly threatening as it piles up and provides a breeding ground for the fungus that causes histoplasmosis, a dangerous lung infection.

That’s why you should always have your home inspected for damage after a bat, raccoon, or rodent exclusion.

Whether you need spot cleaning and guano removal or you need to have the entire attic restored and disinfected, we can help.

Our attic restoration services typically take between 3-4 days, and since we’re experienced, knowledgeable, and licensed builders, you can expect the most effective and professional results. 

Kelly, Zach and all the guys were very respectful, helpful and knowledgeable. It was obvious they were going to do everything correctly and when the time was right for doing it. I couldn’t be more pleased with the customer service. Thanks to all for helping to make our home pest/animal free.


Bat Removal BBB rating

Highly recommended. Very responsive and took the time to answer all questions/concerns prior to scheduling work. Very thorough in explaining the issue and providing solution to resolve. Competitive to other bids received – we opted to move forward due to professionalism and proposed solution.


Choose Us For Your Attic Restoration Services

Our experienced and licensed team travels throughout the entire state of Michigan for bat removal services and large attic restoration services! Whether your bat or animal problems are large or small, we can help.

  • We use ONLY humane methods of animal removal.
  • We’re licensed builders in the state of Michigan and we have decades of construction experience.
  • We warranty all of our work and run our business with integrity. 
  • We work with and are a preferred contractor for many insurance companies.
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Are You Ready to Book Your Attic Restoration Services?


When you first call our team we will ask you a couple questions:

  1. What is your address? This helps us to make sure you are in our service area.
  2. What problem are your experiencing or what services do you want to book?
  3. Is this your first time working with our team?
  4. When is the best time for you to schedule a service?

From there we can help you get on our books and talk to you about what to expect from our service.


Each service and appliance is unique from where it is located in your home, to what type of fuel it uses, etc, so we cannot give out pricing on our site. However, please call our office for an estimate about your service. We can answer any questions you may have.

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