We help clean and sanitize attics affected by wildlife

Fully licensed wildlife removal & construction contractors

When it comes to invasion of wildlife in your attic, trust our professionals to remove them and restore your home. Animals such as bats and raccoons can cause extensive damages to your attic chewing up wiring, drywall, or insulation. These critters are also known to carry rabies and other disease-transmitting dangers. Let our wildlife experts remove them, and then let our licensed and experienced contractors restore your attic right now!

What’s the attic restoration process like?

  • First, we humanely remove the wildlife from your attic.
  • Next, we remove all wildlife feces from the attic, and we disinfect the areas with our specialized and environmentally-friendly disinfectants.
  • Then, we repair or replace any insulation, wiring, wall, or any other damages cause by the wildlife.
  • Finally, we identify and seal off the entry points to avoid any future invasion.
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We are highly recommended!

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Testimonials from our customers:

Highly recommend this company! I had an issue with a very smart raccoon that was untrapable! They worked daily to figure out how to get her out. Multi level traps, bought special traps and finally she got caught. They never let me down! Always upbeat and understanding. From Kelly in the office, to Justin and Austin in the field. They are the best!
Barbara Kissell

AWESOME company. Have already recommend them to others. They go the extra mile for their customer. On time, does what they say the will. I can’t say enough positives about this company. Justin, Kelly and Stephanie all know their business and are very helpful to their customer. Thank you again BRP for all you have done.
Diane Prater

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