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By far our most common call is in regards to either a bat in the home or recently seen around the house. Here are a few things you can do right now.

If you see the bat, open up doors and windows. Let its echolocation find its way out. Encourage them by holding up a plastic lid or a bed sheet. They want out as much as you want them out.

Bat Removal and Prevention

If you cannot locate them the best option is to close off the room they were last seen in and open a window. Calling a 24 hour bat removal company may be beneficial as well. Keep an eye out for it in cool areas of your house.

Check window treatments, lamps, under tables, anywhere they may be in an effort to hide from the light and perceived danger.

Once the bat is out, you need to access your home for further bats. Rarely is a random bat a truly random event. Even if you saw the bat fly in from outside, he may be hanging around or near your door as he attempts reentry through your walls or attic.

What is the bat removal process like? What can I expect?

Our bat removal process usually starts with a home inspection. This allows us to properly assess any damage done, what type of issue we have and how many entry points is the bat using. Once that is determined we zero in on one (or more of the following solutions for effective bat removal.

Our Michigan bat removal and exclusion package starts with sealing up all secondary entry points or potential entry points for the bats. These holes start at only 3/4” and larger.

Once all the secondary holes are properly sealed, using a clear caulk and other material we install one way bat doors.

These bats doors are installed at all main entry points. For effective bat removal, these doors need to be A Michigan Bat Removal Companyinstalled at the proper locations and angle. This allows for the bats to leave and not re-enter the location.

This will result in evening insect hunts with the inability to renter. Bats are territorial. So they will usually attempt re-entry for around 2-3 weeks at which point they will leave your location to find a new dwelling place.

Once we know the bats have been removed, again around 2-3 week duration. We will return and remove all the bat doors and seal those locations.

We do not make any holes in your home. We only utilize the current bat entry points and customize our bat doors to fit those locations.

How long does it take to remove all the bats?

If it’s just an exclusion, it will usually take 2-3 weeks on average. Full attic restorations can cut down on that time dramatically depending on the extent of damage and how quickly your insurance company processes the claim.

We often get calls requesting our 24 hour bat removal emergency services. Maybe you have only a one or two bat issue. Let’s say the bat just made it’s way through an open door and you want it removed.

We send our technicians out, equipped with special gloves and clothing to ensure they do not get a bat bite by handing the bats.  They will place the bats in temporary carrying cases until they reach a safe and distant location. Typically at one of our several bat houses in northern Oakland County.

Bat Removal And Prevention’s Attic Restoration Process

Guano Attic Removal

Our full attic restoration process takes place when the contaminated area is too large to overlook. Due to several health issues caused by bat guano, including histoplasmosis, it is critical for the safety of the homeowners to remove, disinfect and replace new material such as insulation, drywall, etc.

In some cases, only spot cleaning is required. This is when we can remove and replace a small contaminated area. This happens when the homeowner is proactive and catches the issue prior to it becoming irreversible.

In all these cases we exercise great care in our humane bat removal process. Bats are a protected species in Michigan and killing them could result in upwards of a 5000 fine per bat. Contact us today for effective, humane, clean and professional bat removal and wildlife control issues.

Do you have a bat problem? Bat Removal and Prevention is a licensed wildlife control and bat removal company. We have over a decade of experience helping Michigan customers learn how to get rid of bats before they cause irreversible damage.

Bat Removal and Prevention Inc, is a fully licensed Michigan Wildlife Control company. Our humane Michigan Bat Removal and PreventionBat Removal process targets the entire state of Michigan. We do all bat removal services including bat exclusions – removing and sealing the home, bat relocation – trapping and relocating bats, spot cleaning – partial attic clean up from contaminants, full attic restoration – removing all bat guano and containments, disinfect and replace all removed material (insulation, drywall, etc) with new.

If your home or business is having bat issues such as bats in your attic, bats in your walls, bats in your basement or a host of other potential issues – calling a professional wildlife control company is a must.

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