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Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. is one of Michigan’s foremost leading authorities on residential and commercial bat removal and wildlife control. Specializing in trapping, removing and relocating of all Michigan wildlife small to large, including: bats, birds, mice, rodent control, raccoons, skunks, fox, coyote, deer and much more!

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What We Do

Wildlife Control Michigan

 We specialize in bat removal, trapping, bat prevention, bird control, raccoon removal/trapping, mice/rodent control/trapping, live animal trapping, bird removal, and bat guano removal.

Wildlife Control

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 Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. proudly serves the entire state of Michigan for bat removal, wildlife control and attic restoration needs. We work on both residential and commercial locations. 

Who We Are

Wildlife Control Michigan

 Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. is located at 630 S Ortonville Rd, Ortonville, Michigan 48462. We have been working in the Michigan bat removal and critter control business for over 13 years. 

More about Michigan Bats
  • A bat desires an area no more than 1″ wide by 3/8″ tall to achieve access in to a structure.
  • Bats are social creatures and board colonies which will vary from just a few to hundreds to even thousands.
  • Bat are NOT blind, even though they have poor eye sight bats can see as good as you or I. Bats navigate and notice their food using echolocation.
  • Their diet consists of insects, which plays a crucial role within the ecosystem keeping most insect pests to desirable levels for humans. One bat will consume nearly 3 times their body weight in insects per night (approx 6,000 insects).
  • Each bat that lives in your home will expel (Poop and Urinate) as much as its body weight per day.
  • Bat’s account for more human cases of rabies than any other animal.
What Sort of Michigan Bat Is In My attic?

The evening bat and little brown bat are the most common bats to be found in your attic and in your living quarters (you might be even “lucky” enough to possibly experience a colony of big brown bats in your attic!) . These bats form maternity colonies in buildings and houses, which they select for their heat, dryness, security and darkness.

Despite the benefits bats give to the ecosystem as a whole, they become a problem when they take up roosting in an attic, soffit or barn.

You most likely have bats in your attic if...


  • Have scratching sounds coming from your attic, or in your walls. The scratching may be constant or intermittent and may occur at night or during the day, though usually at night.
  • You have an ammonia-smell in your home
  • Bats cause large buildups of droppings. If you see it in your home be sure to act immediately and have it removed. There are all types of microorganisms which can flourish in their fecal matter – histoplasmosis being one of better known – which could present a hazard to residents.
  • May be a sign of a bat infestation (the odor from large amounts of bat droppings), but as the odor only accumulates gradually, it may not be noticed by many homeowners and is not necessarily present in all infestations.
Do I Have Bat Guano In My Attic?


  • You may find droppings in your attic after hearing scratching and believe it to be mice. It is possible to find droppings in your basement, or outside your home near the front door, or near the foundation on the ground. During the night, bats will go and feed for approximately 30/min to 60/min at a time and come back to digest the insects. They may re-enter the structure or find a safe area to roost outside the structure creating bat guano piles outside your door way.
  • Bat guano is commonly mistaken to be droppings from mice. Even though the appear to be similar, bats and mice have very different diets and therefore their droppings are different. Mice eat a lot of vegetables material and their droppings of plants matter don’t crumble. Bats eat inspects and their guano contain tiny bits of inspect coverings. Therefore bat droppings are sparkly in the light and crumbly in texture.
What is Bat Control and Bat Removal?

The bat removal and bat control process is a detailed and delicate service that requires experience. Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. specializes in small to large colony bat removal and has performed successful bat exclusion work for residents, businesses, municipalities and churches all across Michigan.  Shortly before sunset most of the bats will emerge from the dwelling to hunt out food and water throughout the evening time hours, Never assume that all the bats are out right away. Bats only feed every 24 to 48 hours and they don’t ALL leave at dusk. We encounter many calls where after a customer saw a few bats leave an area, they seal that opening and next thing they had bats flying around their living quarters of the home. Bats will find their way out and in most cases it’s in the living quarters of the home.

We will come out and do a complete inspection of the structure. Inspection of all attic areas, and outside the structure, including but not limited to, all roof lines, gable vents, soffit vents, ridge vents, intersection roof lines, chimneys, foundation, etc. We inspected from the foundation of the structure to the peak of the roof. We will identify all entry points and potential entry points. During our attic inspection we will determine approximate size of the bat colony (if it is a bat problem, if not we’ll be able to determine what type of pest problem you may have. i.e. mice, birds, chipmunks, etc.) and any damaged caused from the bats. We will provide you with a wildlife inspection report of our detailed inspection.

After you agree on service we will then perform our live bat exclusion using a one-way door system, allowing bats to leave the structure at feeding time and not allowing them to re-enter the structure. There are many “one-way” door systems but they must be installed correctly and precisely or they will not work. We will also take all necessary steps for your bat removal and bat control.

After approximately 30 days of the bat exclusion we will return to your home re-inspect to make sure the bat removal process was effective and all repairs are in good condition. At this time we will remove the one-way doors devises from the structure and repair the entry points.

In some cases bats may  have caused damage to the structure. Over time the build up of guano (Bat Poop) and body waste will produce lots of harm to your home or building. The mix of guano and urine will produce a robust offensive odor and deteriorate just about any artifact that comes into contact with it. The longer the bats are within the structure, the additional harm their guano and body waste will produce. Bats also will barrel through the insulation finding warm areas causing the insulation to be not as effective as the original state. In these cases Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. may recommended for bat guano removal and/or attic restoration. This step is covered by most home owner’s insurance policies, we will help in making these arrangements for you.

Bat control and Prevention are done just as if we were excluding bats from the home or structure with out the use of installing the one-way doors. We have perform many bat control and/or prevention and have saved customers hundreds if not thousands (the prevention of damage)  of dollars. If you your neighbor or near by structure has had bats removed, the bats will not go far to find their new “home”.  BCI strongly recommends that exclusion professionals bat-proof the entire building and avoid spot treatments. Moving bats from one corner of a building to another does not solve the problem and

Why Choose Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc?

We Follow all guidelines of Bat Conservation International:

We agree that:

  • We are licensed (as required) by the state of Michigan.
  • We provide the property owner with a guarantee with all repairs .
  • All written materials should be accurate and scare tactics should be avoided.
  • Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. will use  One-way devices made from lightweight polypropylene netting (<1/6″ mesh), plastic sheeting or tube-type excluders are the preferred methods for evicting bats from buildings. Exclusion devices should be placed at all active entry points and should remain in place for at least five to seven days. These devices should be removed after all bats have been excluded, and exclusion points should then be sealed with silicone caulking, caulk backing rod, hardware cloth or heavy-duty polypropylene mesh. In some cases, sealing may require repair or replacement of old, deteriorated wood.
  • Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. understand that simply waiting until the bats have flown out at night and then permanently sealing entrances without the use of exclusion devices is not approved by BCI. This method often traps some bats inside the building.
  • Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. acknowledges that the maternity season for bats in the US and Canada can range from mid-April through August 31. Eviction of bats, or any activity that directly affects their roosting area, should occur only before or after the maternity season, when young will not be trapped inside.


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Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. is located at 630 S Ortonville Rd, Ortonville, Michigan 48462. We are in the office Monday through Friday. If you have a bat issue and need to schedule an inspection simply click bellow and fill out the request inspection form and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you would like immediate tips on what to do click on our bat removal blog and browse through a number of tips and tricks to assist you. Or if this is a bat removal or critter emergency please call us at 248-403-8167.


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