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Bat Myths

An opening with the thickness of a standard yellow #2 pencil and 1-1.5 inches long is all a bat needs to get into your home.

A bat house isnt 100% effective in deterring bats from entering your home.

There are no guaranteed, long-term bat deterrents on the market that are safe for your family.

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Raccoon Removal

Common Raccoon Traits

Raccoons are found in most areas of North America including Michigan. These animals are considered a terrific nuisance when they invade and take up residence in urban areas. Since raccoons can cause immense damage to gardens and buildings apart from spreading diseases, it is essential to understand their known traits. This will help in developing systems to control the presence of raccoons.
General Traits that have been Documented
Raccoons are in general nocturnal animals that are more visible in the warm months. Though these animals do not really hibernate they do tend to sleep for longer periods in the winter. The animals mature within year of birth and thus multiply rapidly. Though they appear to prefer to live in wild areas, raccoons easily adapt to urban and suburban places as long as there is plenty of food available.
Raccoons are omnivores and eat whatever food is available. They eat worms, fish, eggs, snakes, frogs, shellfish, nuts, and fruits. Damage to citrus fruits and plants in a garden is often an indication of the presence of raccoons. They can end up destroying gardens, raids trash cans, and pet bowls, apart from consuming baby mice and rats in attics.
Each adult female can give birth to between one and six baby kits in April or May. The babies stay with their mother until winter before they leave to stay in their own den. In the wild, a den is usually a hollow in a tree, but in urban and suburban areas attics, chimneys, crawl spaces, and the outside of building are used by the animals. They prefer their dens to be warm and dark.
Raccoons can spread numerous diseases through the virus present in their feces as well as rabies. This makes them dangerous when they take up residence near or in homes. They can be vicious animals and take down most dogs. Any dog that engages a raccoon will have a serious fight on its hands and if this is your dog, you will have mess to clean up, regardless of the outcome, afterwards.
Raccoons prefer to live near food sources. As such the best way to control the presence of raccoons and eliminate them is to reduce the availability of food. Keeping trash cans closed tight and inaccessible, ensuring that pet bowls are not kept outdoors, and planting a garden that does not provide raccoons with nourishment can help make them move away.
Entry Points
Since raccoons prefer to reside in warm and dark spaces one way of ensuring that the home is inaccessible for them is to seal off all the entry points to attics, underground bunkers, basements, and crawl spaces. You do not want snakes to be able to enter as well. This is all motivation enough; there is a place for them to live and this is not one of them.

Mice Removal in MIchigan

Clean & Smooth Michigan Mouse Removal

Mice in a Michigan home can be detected by gnaw marks, squeaks and scurrying noises in the night, mouse droppings, and so on. As mice breed very quickly, even if only a single mouse is sighted, it can mean that many mice reside in the home. Mouse removal should be a systematic process that identifies, traps, and excludes the mice from the home.
Before executing a mouse removal plan in the Michigan home, the pest should be positively identified as mice. This can be done by checking the mouse droppings, actual sighting of the mouse, or looking at the feet or gnaw marks left by the mice. Additionally, the nest of the mice or its approximate location should be established. Mice can be typically found in attics or basements or in the pantry and kitchen.
When it comes to mouse removal there are two types of traps – live traps where the mouse is alive after being trapped and traps that kill the mice. These traps have to be baited with cheese and placed close to the mouse hole and in the path it is likely to take. Once the mouse is trapped you should use gloves and a mask to remove the dead mouse from the trap or release the live one in the wild. You also need to ensure that children and pets are kept way from the mouse trap.
When using mouse traps, it is best to check them each morning as well as several times a day and remove the trapped mouse immediately. This will ensure that diseases and bacteria are not spread by the trapped mouse.
Multiple Uses
When using traps for mouse removal, it is essential to continue using them until no mice are caught for two or three consecutive days. This is an indication that the home is free of mice and one can now move to the next step of exclusion.
To ensure that the mouse removal is effective and the Michigan home is free of mice in the future, all entry ways for mice such as cracks and holes have to be sealed. Additionally, tree branches that are close to the house have to be trimmed and doors and windows weather sealed. Apart from this the space around the house should be free of debris, litter, and wood that can provide shelter to mice.

For more information please visit our page about poison free rodent control in Michigan.

Bat Control in Michigan

Controlling Bats in Michigan

The population of bats in Michigan is quite high because of the lakes and the mosquitoes that form part of the food supply for them. However, the loss of natural habitats for bats means that they are increasingly entering homes and commercial spaces in the area. Additionally, bats are protected species under both Michigan state laws and Federal laws. This makes it difficult for home owners and other to rid their premises of bats by poisoning them. Instead, they need to take steps to remove the bats from the homes and relocate them in the wild.
Bats do not normally attack humans. However, when a bat is cornered inside a home it can attack humans and pets in a bid to defend itself. This makes it dangerous for those with no experience in handling bats to try and capture them. Additionally, it is better to keep excited pets and children away from the room in which the bat is roosting to keep them safe.
While bats in the wild in Michigan are useful for humans as they eat mosquitoes and ensure that the spread of diseases such as the West Nile is controlled, in homes, bats are pests. Bat urine and guano contain bacteria that spread diseases to humans and pets. Additionally, bats are nocturnal creatures that squeak and make noises in the night, disturbing sleep.
Live Capture
The best way to rid a home in Michigan of bats is to trap them and relocate them. A trained wildlife expert will be able to examine the home and identify the ways in which bats enter it. The expert will then close most of the entries and set traps for the bats. The bats will be captured live and relocated in the wild as entire colonies. Additionally, the expert will recommend ways in which further entry of bats into the home can be prevented.
The bat removal and control expert will also examine the home – the eaves and shutters for damage from bats and ensure that all the bat guano is cleaned. This is important as bat guano and urine can corrode the drywall and damage insulation in the attic and other areas of the home.
Bats can roost in chimneys, attics, and vents and cause pollution of various kinds in the home. They can also attack pets and spread diseases unless they are removed as soon as they are noticed.

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Bat Removal & Prevention Inc., is one of Michigan’s foremost leading authorities on residential and commercial wildlife control. Specializing in trapping, removing and relocating of all nuisance wildlife small to large, including: bats, birds, mice, rodent control, raccoons, skunks, fox, coyote, deer and much more! The owner has over 14 years of experience with bat removal and colony relocation and can work with any size job and budget!

Bat Removal & Prevention Inc., has successfully completed thousands of live bat exclusions and guarantees all work with a full 5 year warranty. Bat removal and bat control is not your average “DIY” job. We have come across many of the “DIY bat removals” where it has caused the home/business owner more stress and damage than necessary. We will walk you through the steps of your bat removal process, sometimes handling your insurance claims one-on-one for you. Once the bats and animals are excluded from the structure, we will make all necessary repairs to prevent bats from returning. During our initial inspection we will determine damage caused by the bats/wildlife. Sometimes a full attic restoration or clean up of damaged insulation is highly recommended to restore your attic and insulation to its original state. Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. offers compassionate and thorough full-service removal and exclusion programs. We even work with your home owners insurance to help cover the costs!

Why get the bats out?
Bats/wildlife can cause a great amount of damage to your attic and become a health hazard. Besides just the aggravation of having an unwanted critter in your home, bat guano (bat droppings) carry a wide range of bacteria and fungi spores, which can become airborne and dangerous to you or anyone in your home. One known fungus called Histoplasmosis, may be carried by air to different parts of your house and lead to influenza-like symptoms in humans. The infection may even turn serious and cause high fevers, pneumonia, and if left untreated, can also turn fatal especially in the case of infants, children, the elderly, and immunologically challenged people like those suffering from AIDS or cancer. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Histoplasmosis infection in humans can even cause blindness.

Mice In The House?
In need of rodent control including mice control, squirrel removal, chipmunk control/removal, rat control, etc.?
Rodents can become a headache trying to get rid of them and cause a significant amount of damage to your home or business including chewing on wires and gnawing holes through your walls. They are very quick creatures and the removal process is usually a tricky task. Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. also specializes in rodent control and removal. If you have squirrels in the attic or mice in the house, we offer a poison free rodent control program. See our services pages on more information on rodent control in Michigan.

Where Does Bat Removal & Prevention Serve?
Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. proudly services the entire state of Michigan for bat removal, wildlife control, pest control; rodent control, animal control, bird control, and mice control. We provide services to anyone in Michigan. We have traveled from just north of the Michigan/Ohio border to all the way up into the Upper Peninsula. Our service reaches areas including but not limited to: Clarkston, Rochester, Oxford, Lapeer, Troy, Grand Blanc, Shelby Township, Macomb, greater Ann Arbor, greater Lansing, Auburn Hills, Oakland Township, Fenton, Holly, Bloomfield, Birmingham, Novi , Northville, Davison, Imaly City, Westland, Fowlerville, Hartland, Royal Oak, Birch Run, Highland, White Lake, Commerce Twp, Tawas, Oscoda, Swartz Creek , Midland, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Jackson, Adrian, Livonia, Southfield, St. Clair, Grayling, Traverse City, Cheboygan, Sault Ste Marie, Iron Mountain, and all other surrounding cites. Call us today for immediate service or to schedule an appointment – (248) 403-8167!

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