Keep Unwanted Pests Out and Restore Cleanliness

With Bat Removal And Prevention 

Bats, mice, and other pests are entering your home, making it feel dirty and unsafe. Bat Removal and Prevention can not only safely remove the animal but also repair damages left behind and prevent future entry.

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Having Issues with Bats or Mice?

Worry no more about:

  • Wasted groceries/home supplies
  • Damaged to everyday items including clothing
  • Holes in insulation or walls 
  • Medical issues from exposure to feces or disease
  • Risk of home fire from damaged wires
  • The unease of having a pest around 
  • Worrying about a mini petting zoo because of quick breeding rodents


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Book Removal & Prevention Services

You Will Be Safe & Pest Free

  • Humane removal services that follow local protection laws
  • Cleaning services that fully disinfect and prevent diseases carried by pests
  • Repairs to past damages caused by pests
  • A permanent fix to your rodent problem with our Prevention Program

A team you can trust for emergency removal services

Get Your Comfort Back

We know what it feels like to feel uncomfortable in your own home. We give you that comfort back. 

  • We’re fully licensed with the Department of Natural Resources.
  • We use ONLY humane methods of animal removal, never poisons or other toxic products that could harm the animal, the environment, your family, or your pets.
  • We’re licensed builders in the state of Michigan, and we have decades of construction experience.
  • We understand structures and what should/shouldn’t be done when sealing up and restoring damaged attics and other areas.
  • We warranty all of our work and run our business with integrity. All our services come with a 1-year warranty, and we offer a lifetime warranty with our Preventative Maintenance Program.
  • We work with and are a preferred contractor for many insurance companies and can help you get your animal removal and attic restoration costs covered.
  • We offer 24/7 emergency bat removal services throughout the state of Michigan.

When you hire us to do the job, you can rest assured you’re in capable hands. In fact, we warranty all of our work and guarantee customer satisfaction.

“Such a great company! Came out within an hour of us calling them. They were courteous, respectful and understood our concern because we had a small zoo living in our attic. Immediately addressed our concerns and put a plan into action.”

- Sandy, local homeowner

Three Steps to a Pest-Free Home



If animals are a recurring problem in your home or business, please reach out to us! Whether you have animals chewing on wiring, scratching on your walls, scurrying through your attic, or you’re dealing with another Michigan critter-related problem, we can help.

Need immediate assistance? Give us a call at 248-403-8167.



Do not attempt to remove the animal or pests on your own. A bite or scratch could be harmful, which is why our team comes in the proper protective gear. Keep the area where your pests are located closed off until your appointment. 



Rest assured that our team will remove the animal and pests humanely to return your home to its peaceful state. During the appointment we do ask that you keep your distance until we have the animal fully removed from your area. 

From Removal to Prevention We Can Help

We can humanely remove: 

  • Bats
  • Squirrels 
  • Raccoons
  • Birds
  • And Rodents
My Bat Guy crew in work truck

Preventative Maintenance Program

When you enroll in the Preventive Maintenance Program, you’ll receive two re-inspections a year, one in spring and one in fall. During the inspections, we’ll check all of the areas we previously sealed off and inspect the home or office for signs of rodents, birds, bats, squirrels, and raccoons. If the inspections reveal the need to re-seal any of the areas, we’ll do so at no additional cost to you.

Attic Restoration

Yes, we’re wildlife control and removal experts, but we also know construction. We’re fully licensed contractors here in the state of Michigan and we have decades of construction experience. We know what it takes to restore a structure and what methods and products should be avoided when restoring attics. We’ll remove guano and feces, disinfect the area, and replace insulation, drywall, and any other damaged materials. We’ll also identify areas that need to be sealed to prevent future animal invasions, from the tiniest 3/8” gap to larger holes and gaps.


Many times, homeowners’ insurance companies will cover the animal removal and attic restoration costs so you’re not paying for everything out of pocket. As the preferred contractor for many homeowners’ insurance companies, we’ll work with you and your insurance company to ensure you pay as little money as possible.

We’ll inspect the entire attic, identify and document damage with photos, and let you know what our recommendations are. We warranty all of our attic restoration work, and we guarantee your satisfaction at the end of a job. 

“Great service! They came on time and Mike was very thorough. He showed me where the problem was and gave a great explanation on how the bats were entering our garage and what needed to be done to solve the problem. I would highly recommend this company. They did work on my mom’s house two years ago when she had a major bat problem, and she has had no issues with Bats since.”


- Local homeowner, Kelley Sanderson

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