Professional Wildlife Removal Services

We specialize in bat, mice, raccoon, and squirrel removal. Not only do we successfully remove these animals, we also keep them out!

Why You Need To Deal With Wildlife In Your Home

  • Other than being disconcerting, having wildlife in your home attic, crawl space, or walls can cause significant damages the more they are left alone.
  • Bat guano (droppings) can cause or worsen respiratory issues. If you have bat guano in your home, this can pose a major health risk especially to individuals with asthma or weak immune systems.
  • Going with a wildlife removal company that can also prevent re-entry is a must. Animals are territorial and are likely to try and return to your home. Call us and we’ll make sure they are sealed off for good!

We Remove & Seal To Prevent Re-Entries!

Once we have trapped and removed the wildlife from your property, we will present you with options to seal up and repair any entry points and damages they might have left behind. This ensures that if the same animals come to your property they won’t have a way in.

When you rely on for bat, mice, raccoon, and squirrel remove, rest assured – you’re wildlife invasion problems will be a thing of the past.

Why Call Us For Wildlife Removal?

We are a fully licensed & insured wildlife removal operator in Michigan.

We warranty our work so if you have any issues down the line with your repairs, you can always call us.

We are licensed contractors that have building experience.

We work with insurance companies.

Highly recommend this company! I had an issue with a very smart raccoon that was untrapable! They worked daily to figure out how to get her out. Multi level traps, bought special traps and finally she got caught. They never let me down! Always upbeat and understanding. From Kelly in the office, to Justin and Austin in the field. They are the best!

Barbara Kissell


Responsive. Took the time to explain. Very professional. Highly recommend.

Anthony Kashat


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After everything they have done for me the very least i could do was leave a review. Justin and his team are awesome. They did the job right the FIRST time. Happy i made this call.

Carly Wykowski


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