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  • Squirrels can make their way onto you roof using nearby tree branches and can get into your attic and really make a mess. These little critters like to burrow in insulation and leave acorn shells everywhere, and their scurrying and scratching can really be distracting and disturbing.
  • Whether you’re 100% sure the culprit of your distress is a squirrel or it could be another Michigan critter, call on Bat Removal & Prevention. 
  • We’re a fully licensed Michigan Wildlife Control company and we offer humane squirrel removal services to our neighbors throughout the greater Oakland County area.
Highly recommended. Very responsive and took the time to answer all questions/concerns prior to scheduling work. Very thorough in explaining the issue and providing solution to resolve. Competitive to other bids received – we opted to move forward due to professionalism and proposed solution.
Nick Ormos


How Is The Squirrel Removed & How Long Will The Squirrel Removal Process Take?

When you call on Bat Removal & Prevention, our technicians will begin by setting up live traps which are not dangerous or harmful to the squirrel. These traps are humane and spring-loaded, so if the squirrel is only partly in the trap when the trap engages, it can wiggle its way out. Should this happen, we’ll simply come back out and re-engage the trap.

Our squirrel traps are designed to engage once the squirrel enters. As soon as you see the little critter in the trap, just give us a call and within 24 hours, we’ll come to pick up the squirrel and release it at one of our designated release sites.

All in all, the removal process itself can take anywhere from one day to one week, depending on the number of squirrels you have and what their behaviors are, but we guarantee relief! And you never have to worry about us using any poisons or other dangerous materials which could harm the squirrel or someone living or working on the premises.

Note: We know that when kids see a squirrel in a trap leaving their house, they can get a little upset or concerned for the squirrel’s well-being. We get it, which is why, upon request, we’ll gladly provide a video of the release. Just ask!

After everything they have done for me the very least i could do was leave a review. Justin and his team are awesome. They did the job right the FIRST time. Happy i made this call.

Carly Wykowski


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