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Michigan’s Trusted Bat Control Experts. We’re Licensed & Insured. Call My Bat Guy Today!


Michigan’s Trusted Bat Control Experts. We’re Licensed & Insured. Call My Bat Guy Today!

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Fully Licensed Bat Control Professionals Near You

My Bat Guy is composed of fully licensed and experienced local experts, and specializes in humane bat removal services, prevention, and Emergency 24/7 bat removal Services. From small to large bat colonies, we’ve got you covered, day or night.

What To Expect From Our Bat Removal Service

We fully inspect your home to identify where the bats are located and were any entry points are (from foundation to roof).


We email you with a proposal of our findings and to complete removal and suggest repairs or sanitation if needed.


We warranty all of our work and run our business with integrity. All our services come with a 1-year warranty and we also offer a lifetime warranty with our preventive maintenance program.

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Dangers in having bats living in your attic or home

  • Bats can carry many diseases, including rabies. If you come into contact with a bat or believe you may have been bitten by one (they will sometimes bite in defense, like any other animal) and cannot have the bat tested for rabies, you’ll need to go through the rabies vaccination process. If you have the bat contained, call your local health department about having the bat tested for rabies. The protocol differs from area to area, but your health department will be able to advise you on what the process is in your locale.
  • Bats bring with them ectoparasites like fleas, ticks, mites, flies, and bat bugs, all of which can be a nuisance and a health hazard to humans and pets.
  • Guano (bat droppings) are smelly and can cause staining on your property and provide a breeding ground for fungi. These fungi spores can cause a fungal infection of the lungs (histoplasmosis) if breathed in. For more on guano and how to identify it, visit our Bat Guano page!
  • Bat urine is certainly not a good fragrance for your home, but bat urine isn’t just stinky; it’s also corrosive and can eat away at the materials in your home or office, weakening the structure and compromising its integrity.

We Come Highly Rated & Reviewed!

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We Take Our Education & Our Business Seriously

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Why Our Customers Love Us

Very fast and helpful! I talked to Danielle on the phone and she was kind, understanding, and was able to solve the problem in minutes to have someone to my house. Would definitely recommend!

Jessica B.

Great service, very easy to work with and explained everything thoroughly, definitely recommend!

Lee C.

Absolutely amazing! They did bat removal and attic restoration for me as my case was pretty severe and they did an exceptional job. My attic is a whole new space and it was done so quickly!

Stephanie C.

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