Wildlife Control Services

A Michigan Wildlife Removal and Relocation Company. 

Bat Removal and Prevention provides humane wildlife removal for all Michigan nuisance animals. We utilize live traps, non-poisonous methods and have designated wildlife relocation spots all over the state of Michigan. If you have a wildlife issue or Michigan rodents in your home, call us at 248.403.8167. Click on the name of animal below for more information. Some animal pages are still being built. We apologize in advance.

Bat Removal

Specializing in Michigan Bat Removal, Guano Cleanup and Attic Restorations.

Raccoon Removal

 Call us today for all raccoon removal, trapping and relocation.

Squirrel Removal

 Providing humane squirrel trapping and relocation services.

Coyote Removal

 Specializing in Lower Michigan Coyote Trapping and Relocation.

Bird Removal

 Specializing in all Michigan bird removal and bird control issues.

Rodent Removal

 Call us today to find out more about our rodent removal services.

Skunk Removal

 We do live skunk removal and relocation services. Contact us today.

Fox Removal

 Fox Removal and Relocation services includes trapping and relocation to state land.


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