Attic Restoration And Wildlife Waste Cleanup

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Why Get An Attic Restoration?

Our restoration process is the direct result of wildlife contamination in your home and business. Usually your home inspector (or one of ours) found their way into your attic and discovered either bat guano or raccoon feces. Those are the two typical reasons we need to perform a full attic restoration.

Attic repairs are an important part of home renovations.

If you are considering a home renovation and have been concerned with possible wildlife damage, it is critical that you get a licensed and professional company to inspect your home for possible contamination and can give you a  safe way of disposal. Wildlife feces is dangerous to residents and business owners. It is critical that steps are taking to remove all contaminants. In fact, hundreds of cases of histoplasmosis are diagnosed each year in Michigan. These are usually caused directly by wildlife attic containments. It is helpful to know what to expect from those performing the work. In fact it is essential you learn as much as possible. It is easy for a company to put the fear tactic up front. We are in no way wanting to do that. Most of the attics we enter do not even require full insulation removal and replacement. If we do suggest it, we provide you with all the photos of attic damage and online access to all recommendations online. Working even with your homeowners insurance company. Our process consist of three simple steps….

1) Removing Bats, Wildlife, Waste Or Other Feces In The Attic.

Usually any critter such as bats are either roosting or burrowing into the insulation. So our trained staff will start with looking over as many locating as possible and removing them. Do not attempt to remove them yourself unless you have proper equipment.

2) Removing All Bat Guano or Animal Waste In Attic.

At this point in the attic restoration process we are removing your home insulation or simply the contaminated sections. As stated before bat guano and other animal waste may pose a serious health risk if left unresolved. Attic restorations are very important to resolve this problem thoroughly. Find out more about the dangers of bat guano and raccoon droppings.

3) Disinfect Attic and Insulating Attic.

Once we have removed all the critters in the attic and guano/waste we begin to disinfect the entire attic. Cleaning all surface areas and begin the process of blowing in all new attic insulation or laying down new roll insulation.

To clean the attic we use antimicrobacterial  disinfectant to prevent any future damage or bacterial growth. We utilize all family friendly and natural antimicrobacterial products.

Once this process is done we make sure all possible re-entry points are sealed and that the bats or other animals cannot get back in. Our goal is to get them out and keep them out. This entire process usually only takes a few days to complete. The longest part of the process is trapping the animals to leave. If you would like to have us look at your attic or if you think you have a possible bat infestation, be sure to call 248.403.8167 today for a full house inspection and feel free to drop by our blog for tips and suggestions. We are a licensed general contractor and attic restorations are a part of our regular work schedule and are a common issue in Michigan.


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