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Animal Noise Near WindowAre you a resident of Oakland County in need of humane animal trapping services? Bat Removal and Prevention Inc. is your trusted resource for all matters concerning Michigan wildlife. We safely trap, evacuate and relocate all sorts of wild animals that could have sought shelter in your residential or commercial property.

From bats, rodents, mice, skunks, fox, deer, raccoons, mice, birds, squirrels, to any other sort of wild animals lurking around, we are ready to take burden off your shoulders by safely evicting the animals and leaving your residence as peaceful as it once was.

Our working criteria includes a thorough inspection, safe removal, prevention of the problem recurring and clean up services. With us you get the full package at an affordable rate. Here are some of the services that you may contact us for:


Bat control services.

We are fully licensed to deal with bat problems in Michigan. When you suspect that there are bats in your attic, walls, shutters or even in a structure outside, do not hesitate to call us. Bats could easily spread rabies and other illnesses that come from inhaling their guano. Using humane techniques, we will ensure that the bats are safely evicted and that the necessary measures are taken to prevent their return. By the time we are done cleaning the bat guano and repairing the damages brought about by the animals, your house will be fully restored to its former glory!

Raccoon removal.

Raccoons can be a bit of a nuisance when they decide to set up camp around your home. From overturned bins, damaged insulation, destroyed furniture etc., our clients can always count on us to effectively deal with a raccoon infestation and the aftereffects. Their feces contain roundworm eggs which could bring about a fatal disease to humans.
Our DIY section has some effective tips that you could use to get rid of the minor problems yourself, but remember that you must never risk getting bitten by these wild animals. If you can’t handle the animal exclusion process just contact our customer service at Bat Removal and Prevention Inc.

Rodent control.

As a resident of Oakland County, you may have encountered a rodent problem in the form of rats, beavers, groundhogs, squirrels or mice. These little creatures cause an extensive amount of damage to property, not forgetting that their droppings could have the hantavirus.
We have the right trapping methods for rodents while keeping future occurrences at bay through effective wildlife proofing methods. Note that all our exclusion processes are completely humane. We do not use poison or other harmful chemicals that could cause an environmental imbalance or a health problem.
Once we have successfully evicted the rodents, we take it upon ourselves to provide you with a thorough clean up process to avoid contamination from diseases caused by the rodent droppings.

Bird control services.

Sometimes birds can just decide to seek shelter in your attic, chimney or even in bathroom vents. The problem would be easy to live with if they would just be quiet and allow you to get some sleep but this seems to be impossible. Bird droppings are also a problem due to the fact that just like bat guano, there is risk of contamination from the histoplasmosis fungi.

Some of the common birds in Michigan include pigeons, woodpeckers, chimney swifts, among many others. We would be glad to inspect your property and address the problem as soon as possible, all you need to do is get in touch with us and get your free quote.

Wildlife control, Oakland County.

When you spot a skunk, fox, deer, coyote or any large animal that you cannot possibly trap by yourself, we are the experts that you can reach out to and within the shortest time the problem will be taken care of. We will safely trap and relocate the wildlife and restore the peace in your area. Such animals tend to scare the pets, could damage property and in the worst case scenario, they might injure people.

Decontamination and full restoration services.

Sometimes animals just seek shelter in your house in their process of migrating, then they leave you with a problem in the form of droppings. For instance, when a large bat colony migrates from your attic or barn the amount of bat guano they leave behind is enormous. Not only is the smell overwhelming, the histoplasmosis fungi contained in bat and bird droppings causes serious diseases.

We provide thorough clean up services on bat guano, bird droppings and rodent feces for residential and commercial premises in Oakland County, MI. We then conduct a thorough decontamination procedure, followed by full restoration services to wipe away the evidence that some wild animals had invaded and destroyed your property.

You can also count on us in case there are dead animals trapped in vents or elsewhere. Just be careful that you do not kill animals because most of them are protected by the law. It is much safer to get the right people to handle the issue in a humane manner.

Why choose us?

For years now we have maintained the lead as one of the most efficient and advance wildlife control services in the state. This is because we are always prompt at responding to our clients’ needs. We value efficiency and reliability. This is evident in our friendly customer service and the numerous recommendations we get after handling an animal exclusion process.

Our team of experts is well versed with the Michigan area and the animal patterns such as their migrating seasons and when they are raising their young. Apart from animal control and restoration services, they also take time to give you advice and tips on how to handle future animal control problems. The best part is that we offer these top notch services at very competitive rates!

Serving Southfield, Farmington Hills, Novi, Bloomfield Hills, Beverly Hills, Commerce, Troy, Rochester Hills, Waterford, South Lyon, Northville, Clarkston, Ortonville, Auburn Hills, Lake Orion, Oxford, Holly and All of Oakland County. See our service area page for more details.

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