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Are there bats in your home? Bat Removal and Prevention Inc is licensed to deal with all your wildlife control and bat control needs in Genesee County. It is our aim to ensure that we have effectively dealt with your bat problem, wildlife issue, or home infestation while adhering to the wildlife control guidelines. What this means is that our exclusion methods are completely humane. Contact us immediately for a free quote.

Our Bat Removal Services: What to expect.

Once you contact our customer service, we immediately take action to start the process of bat elimination from your residential or commercial residence in Genesee County. Our course of action is mainly in four major steps.

Step 1. Inspection.

Our team of experts is experienced in bat behavior, therefore it is quite easy for them to carry out an inspection on your property and give you a detailed analysis of the situation. We check for the passages that the bats are using to enter your premises. We also look into the type of colony that has invaded your home. This is because we need to determine the best exclusion method for the specific type of colony you have. For instance, a bachelor colony is eliminated by the use of one way doors placed at their entry points. A female colony could have young pups, so there is need to take precaution so that the mothers are not separated from their young. Basically, we do not leave anything to chance just so we can effectively get rid of the bats and prevent their return.

Step 2. Bat exclusion.

As mentioned earlier, our methods are in accordance with wildlife control guidelines so we do not use any harmful chemicals or poison. With a female colony, it is always advisable to wait until their young can fly and leave the roost on their own. When this happens, one way doors are placed at their points of entry forcing them to seek shelter elsewhere. A bachelor colony is dealt with in the same manner. These one way doors are perfect for keeping bats out because once they leave their nest they cannot return.

Step 3. Sealing off entry points.

Once we are sure that all the bats have left, we then seal every crack or hole that could give the bats access to your home. Bats could fit through even the tiniest crack once they are determined to get back into their roosting area. This step is therefore quite important in ensuring that the bat nuisance does not keep recurring. Our bat removal experts will thoroughly bat proof your house from the foundation to the roof top!

Step 4. Clean-up and decontamination services.

This step is especially important if the colony that was in your property was very large. The amount of bat droppings left behind is sometimes so enormous, leaving you with a horrible smell, damaged wood or dirty walls and the danger of exposure to diseases. Cleaning up is very important also, because bats have a very keen sense of smell and can easily sniff out their previous roosting nests and make an attempt to return.

If you ever have bat guano accumulated in your Genesee County property, get in touch with Bat Removal and Prevention Inc. We are experienced and well equipped to deal with the clean up and decontamination process so that you do not expose yourself to the histoplasmosis fungi present in bat droppings. Read our section on health risks posed by bat guano to learn more.

Wildlife control services.

Apart from bat removal, you can count on Bat Removal and Prevention Inc to provide you with the following services:

Bird control services.

Birds can disrupt the peace around your home with their chirping even at night, plus their droppings can get messy too. We provide you with reliable bird removal services in Genesee County, Michigan.

Rat and mice control services.

Genesee County residents have sometimes been exposed to a problem concerning rats and mice. We are your trusted partners in all matters concerning rodent removal, with a thorough rodent proofing and clean up service to ensure that your home is fully restored to its former state. These rodents have the bad habit of gnawing and chewing on everything, including electric cables. You will need experts to ensure that such things are looked into to avoid fire hazards.

Raccoon control services.

They carry diseases, scare your pets, tear up furniture, basically, they can turn your home upside down. Get in touch with us for your raccoon removal services in Genesee County, Michigan. We will safely trap the animal and relocate it, taking the problem off your shoulders.

Squirrel control services.

Squirrels have the habit of invading places like your attic, chewing on wood and damaging insulation. Contact our technicians to ensure that the problem is dealt with once and for all. Not only will we trap and exclude the squirrels, we will also give you tips on how to keep future squirrel problems at bay.

Bat Removal and Prevention Inc offers all services regarding wildlife control in Genesee County, MI. Kindly note that we CANNOT assist you with the removal of domestic animals like stray dogs or cats.

Why choose us?

Our experience as wildlife control technicians gives us an advantage in that we can easily eliminate your problem and restore the sanity in your Genesee County residence.

Apart from our reliable 24 hour service with an emergency line and friendly customer service, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have always exceeded our clients expectations and offered them top notch wildlife control services in Lapeer County, Michigan. We give you quality at an affordable rate. From the inspection down to the thorough clean up step, you can rest assured that we are fully dedicated to give you the best animal and pest control services! Contact us for a quote and get to learn more about Bat Removal and Prevention Inc.

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