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Emergency Michigan Bat Removal

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It’s always an emotional issue to find a bat flying around your house. We know the fear and concerns associated with bat’s in your home. We want to assist you in the removal of the bat as quickly as possible. Because of that we have created a Emergency Michigan Bat Removal program as well as a step by step guide that can assist you right now. 

Note that by simply removing the bat is only part of the problem. Historically the majority of homes we work with have a larger issue than a single bat. It’s always good to get a home inspection after seeing a bat flying around your home.

In the event you do not want to attempt self removal call us for 24 hour removal service

How to Remove a bat from the home if it is flying:


1. Try to confine it to one area

2. Open a door or window (without a screen)

3. keep visual contact with the bat and the open door or window to witness the bat leaving. 

You can call direct at 248.403.8167 for quick service or fill out one of our quote/inspection request forms right over your computer.

How to remove a bat from the home if it is roosting:

1. Get a box or bowl

2. Approach the bat slowly

3. Place the device of choice over the bat

4. Slide a piece of cardboard in between the wall and the bat trapping the bat inside the container

5. Keep the top of the container secured with allowing air for the bat

6.Take the bat outside and release it. If you or anybody else did not have contact with the bat keep the bat for testing of rabies.

For Emergency or help please call 248.403.8167

*Bats are not real aggressive. Like any other wildlife they bite in self defense if handled. Bats should never be touched with bare hands. Always wear gloves when handling bats. It is highly recommended that a license and trained Michigan bat removal and wildlife control professional handle and remove any/all wildlife. If you believe you or anyone else in the home MAY have been bitten by the bat should seek immediate medical consultation and have the bat tested for rabies.

Be sure to check out our guano page for more information about the dangers and need for quick bat guano removal.


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